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Aid for International Students

You must be a citizen of the United States or have lawful permanent resident status to receive federal financial aid through the Office of Student Financial Aid. The standard documentation for a permanent resident of the United States is the Permanent Resident Card (Form I-551, since 1997) or Resident Alien Card (Form I-551, before 1997).

You are not eligible for financial aid if:

Other Resources for International Students

There are scholarships and fellowships awarded through the Law School that do not include citizenship or permanent resident status as a criterion.

Information about financial aid sources outside of WSU for international and Canadian students is available at:

The WSU Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) can assist you with matters pertaining to immigration as well as issues with cross-cultural adjustment.

Office of International Students and Scholars

42 W. Warren
416 Welcome Center
Detroit, Michigan 48202
Phone (313) 577-3422
Email: oissmail@wayne.edu

Website: http://www.oiss.wayne.edu

Resident tuition application

if you are in the United States for other than a temporary educational purpose, you may apply for resident status in the same manner as a U. S. citizen,

Visit the WSU Registration and Scheduling website for more information.

"Good Neighbor" Program

Under the Wayne State University "Good Neighbor" program, residents of Ontario, Canada, who enroll in WSU academic programs, excluding the MD program, will have the non-resident portion of fees waived.

Please direct questions concerning the WSU "Good Neighbor" program to 1-877-WSU-INFO [1-877-978-3636].

FAFSA Requirement

All students who are awarded a scholarship must have a current, complete FAFSA on file in order to receive a monetary award. File your FAFSA online at www.FAFSA.ed.gov. If you do not file a FAFSA, you may receive the scholarship in name only.